Combat cancer with IMAGEINAIR's Aimer candle

The Aimer candle was created by Jessica Sironi, IMAGINEAIR founder. A young woman fascinated by travel, French literature and design. And Edith Piaf: La Vie en Rose... This new candle has a special place in Jessica Sironi's creative world. Because it is for women. Because it fully represents the human values driven by the IMAGINEAIR brand: shared emotion, generosity and interaction.

For the candle's launch, this dedicated young woman decided to join the fight against cancer and help women suffering from the disease. Jessica is particularly sensitive to this cause and contacted the Le Cancer du Sein, Parlons-en! Association who organized the October Rose awareness campaign and Ruban Rose awards. Throughout the year, 5% of Aimer candle sales will go to the association which works towards early screening, developing research and improving the lives of women who suffer from cancer.

The Aimer candle's flame will bring new hope to women's hearts and help, in its way, to make the world a better place.

The Aimer Candle, an invitation to love

Rose for love. Rose for a little girl's cheeks. Rose for first emotions. Rose for shared happiness. Rose for feminine plurality which is enhanced by the multi-faceted queen of all flowers…
So that women can blush with pleasure and see the world through rose-tinted glasses at every stage of their lives... Young girls, fulfilled women or young women in full bloom. Stylish, mysterious, romantic, elegant, free, in love, seductive, independent and sophisticated women... Unique women, bearers of life, love, strength and hope.
Let yourself relax in the intimacy and safety of a boudoir. Your boudoir. Close your eyes and imagine the “Aimer” Candle on the dressing table, magnified in its glass jar as it gradually releases its beautiful floral bouquet, created in the purest French tradition by IMAGINEAIR.

Rose, an intoxicating and gentle fragrance.
An ode to Women, Love and Happiness: A bunch of the most beautiful roses in the world entwine and unite to create a whirlwind of daring freshness. Its coy and powdered aromas are released in a swirl of floral notes, enchanting your home and bringing you happiness.
Rose, the color of natural wax.
IMAGINEAIR's candles are individually molded in Grasse according to the rules of the trade. They are molded twice and contain 10% perfume, for a high quality olfactory and visual result.

Aimer’s modern and subtle packaging has been designed by Parisian agency, 1703 Factory. Delicate, watermarked images of a boudoir are printed on the box. The design is zen-inspired and elegant. Pink on white. Completely feminine.

Welcome to the 100% feminine world of IMAGEINAIR's “Aimer” Candle!