Les Couleurs de mon Bien-Être

IMAGEINAIR's first collection took its inspiration from chromotherapy, the art of attaining happiness through colors, to create a range of four scented candles which unite the beneficial effects of colors and scents. The ultimate in pleasure and escapism in your very own home sweet home.

Because colors have a direct effect on humor and emotions.
Because fragrances bring balance and harmony to the home... IMAGEINAIR brings you Les Couleurs de mon Bien-Être

Les Couleurs de mon Bien-Être: five candles, five decorative objects to brighten the home, five perfume creations to reveal the fragrances of taste (Savourer), relaxation (Buller), travel (Voyager), meditation (Méditer) and the latest addition, Love (Aimer).

Each candle corresponds to a color, an olfactory family and a room within the home; a genuine invitation to a spiritual journey:
SAVOURER : Yellow / Citrus / Kitchen
BULLER : Green / Aromatic / Bathroom
VOYAGER : Blue / Cyprus / Lounge
MÉDITER : Violet / Woody / Bedroom
AIMER : Rose / Floral / Boudoir.
The design is zen, pure and simply elegant. Nothing is explicit: only implied.

Browse through the feel-good initial IMAGEINAIR collection at your own rhythm, as Free as the AIR.
IMAGEINAIR, Creating Serenity.