"Everyone has dreams and desires; they are the most natural thing in the world. With IMAGEINAIR, let me take you to a new world where anything is possible. Discover the shared intimacy of a scent and an object that I have created especially for you."


Imagine a color... Imagine a poem... Imagine a continent... Imagine an encounter...

Imagine an indoor fragrance which awakens your emotions and perfumes your home. Drift away to a world of dreams... Image in Air! Let your imagination run free with IMAGEINAIR, a new brand of scented candles. Indulge in their exclusive and sensorial fragrances. Let your memories captivate you. Come and share life's special moments. Gentle, funny, tasty, nostalgic and universal.

A candle for everyone and a shared dream


Jessica Sironi founded IMAGEINAIR in June 2015. The company is based on Jessica's love for travel, French literature, interior design and color. A world without colors is unthinkable. The 25-year-old graduated from a top Parisian business school (Masters in Negotiation and International Affairs) and has been drawing, painting, composing and inventing since childhood. She has fond memories of meeting wonderful people on her many trips abroad. Time and time again, these essential experiences gave her the taste for adventure and a desire to share. This passion lives on today in IMAGEINAIR. Jessica Sironi's exquisite scented candles are quirky; they invite you to escape, to dream and to be happy.
The collections in this rich and modern brand will invite you to return to places once visited. The evocative, subtle and surprising scents, which invite you to recall memorable moments of your life, are created according to the rules of perfume making in Grasse, the capital of perfume. The highly personal collections have been inspired by the wonderful world of color, French culture and travel, which are essential for Jessica Sironi’s creations.
The magic of our senses, olfactory recollections and sedentary experiences: we are all made up memories and emotions. We will all recognize a part of ourselves in IMAGEINAIR'S creative and nomadic spirit.

IMAGEINAIR is 100% made in France and fully adheres to the spirit of travel; discover the whole world with IMAGEINAIR.


In tribute to French culture, IMAGEINAIR candles are made entirely in France in line with traditional and luxury perfume-making techniques. Each candle is handmade and individually molded with the utmost care in the perfume capital of Grasse. They are created in close collaboration with perfume specialists and are molded twice. The candles contain 10% perfume, for a high quality olfactory and visual result. Handpicked ingredients, natural wax, cotton wick, scent created by a nose in Grasse, lacquered white serigraphed glass, elegantly subtle packaging designed by Parisian agency, 1703 Factory. IMAGEINAIR scented candles are both fragrance diffusers and decorative objects. They release their premium scents for an average of 40 hours.

The Collections are unique and have been created in accordance with standard practice; they will bring balance to and gently perfume the home.